Saturday, October 20, 2012

A sudden post on 20/10/2012

Taaa daaaa... Its been like years since i last posted here.. After years flies by, i realised i've missed alot and also passes alot after reviewing this 'long forgotten blog'. And what surprised and touches me most are those memories and words that i've pen down.. It brings a slight curve there on my lips, tears rolling in muh eyes without rolling out and down...  [Its 925 days since then...] ----> this is badddddd,, y did i ever noticed that.. zzz
I'm now a very much changed young lady... A married and had a 2 months old pregnancy [wooow!!]... It all happen like a dream (not to mentioned a nightmare or a sweet one).. It can be boths at certain times... Arh.. After so long not blogging i'm so lost in words.. I guess i'll start all over again tml and start blogging again just to let some steam out of me... Its seems to be quite a good idea instead of blowing up out of nowhere to somebody who doesnt even know what am i blurting... 



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